Vaccination Information

   Vaccines have become a rather hot button issue in recent years, and for good reason! Many children in the US and around the world are vaccinated without even a second thought from their parents. These vaccines often result in negative reactions, injury and sometimes even death. Vaccines have been linked to HUNDREDS of health conditions and injuries and the Vaccine Adverse Event Reaction System (set up by our government) received THOUSANDS of reports of injuries each year, but the CDC, has stated that those reported injuries could represent as little as SIX PERCENT of the actual damage vaccines cause.

   As a parent it's up to us to make the choices we believe are in the best interest of our children, and that includes choices regarding healthcare. Any medical treatment or procedure should be investigated prior to use, especially on a child. While many medicines were once assumed safe, such as cough syrup, we now know that they carry more dangers than they do benefits. Because of this education about common treatments and medicines is of great importance! 

Educate BEFORE You Vaccinate!
You always have the choice to vaccinate late, but you can't undo once done.

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