Make yourself a Holistic Healing Kit

Most households have a first aid kit, those with kids usually have two or three. But many of the are filled with medicines, topical treatments and wound cleaners which are really less than healthy for us. So, how about creating a holistic version? If for no other reason than to go hand in hand with your more traditional version... Here's how...

First, you need something to keep your kit in. I like a small backpack or draw string bag...  You can usually get them rather cheaply or easily make one. Portable is better, you never know when you'll need to grab and go when it comes to first aid!

Now, you just have to fill it!

Trauma Help: Flower essences (Bach Rescue Remedy or FES Five Flower Formula), green fluorite and/or clear quartz crystal
Immune Booster: Echinacea, vitamin C tablets
Purification: Sage wand for smudging (matchbook), tea tree oil
Dehydration: Bottled water, fruit juices
Injuries: Aloe vera gel (for burns, cuts, abrasions, etc.)
Allergies: Arsenicum album (homeopathic)
Sprains: Epsom salt (also great for soaking tired and sore feet after a day of traveling)
Calming Agents: Herbal teas (chamomile, lemon balm, ginger, peppermint, etc.), lavender essential oil.
Energy Food Stuffs: Almonds, granola bars, dried fruits, etc.
Emergency Phone Numbers: Cell phone (or address book) with the contact phone numbers for your local hospital and health care providers.

    Routinely replace any perishable items in your kit.
    Personalize your kit by including your own proven remedies.

And you're ready to heal!

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