Positive Parenting

Lets face it, there is nothing more wonderful than a child. And we all want the best for our kids. But many of us are doing damage without even knowing it. Others are simply not sure how to make natural choices or how to teach our children to be naturally healthy. So, here we will discuss just how to do these things.

Cloth Diapering
    For some the idea of Cloth Diapers is simply strange. When I first had children I thought they were simply to expensive, to much work and to hard to use. It was only after my son received chemical burns - yes burns - from a disposable diaper that I started to look for other options. With my daughter, there was no question - we do cloth! Learn just how wonderful they are!

Baby Products
    We've all seen those shelves in the baby isle loaded with creams and ointments made specifically for babies. But how safe are these things? You'd be shocked if you actually read the ingredients or knew what they were when you do read them. Learn the hidden dangers of baby and children's products as well as what you can do instead of using them. Of course I'll be including product reviews and "where to buy" information for the good stuff as well as the "how to" information on making your own!

Breast Is Best
    If you're a parent and you've never heard that Breastmilk is the healthiest option for babies I want to know what rock you live under. But, as with so many other things, breastfeeding can seem off putting, unnecessary or even difficult for many. We will explore everything from the benefits of breastmilk and the dangers of formula to times when breastfeeding is NOT the best option and what to do then. You'll also find information about products and techniques meant to make breastfeeding easier.

    It's easy to fall in to the "I'm the parent, that's why" style of parenting. But is that really what's best for your child or your relationship with them? Learn new techniques and tricks on how to deal with tantrums, discipline, bonding and more.

Child Health & Nutrition
    Anyone can figure out that children have different health needs and concerns than adults do. So we'll be exploring your options for everything from teething to poison ivy and from cradle cap to snack options. At home non-medical alternatives, dietary options and products for a healthy and fun childhood!

Everything Else!
    Children simply have way to many subjects involved to place them all in 5 or 6 categories. But trust me, as time goes on I'll be covering just about everything and anything you can think of!

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