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   Most of us grew up in homes where the use of chemicals to clean or rid our gardens of pests was the norm. And today, we are paying the price. After decades of exposing ourselves to these chemicals our health is slowly going down hill as is our life expectancy.

Naturally Clean
   Stop using harmful chemicals to clean your home, car, and clothes. Learn the dangers of conventional cleaners and find new products which will change everything!

Green Gardening
   Did you know a garden could be anything but green? Well, they can. You would fall out of your chair if you knew what some of the most common Garden products and tools actually contained, what they were doing to the earth, and worse yet, what they were doing to you and your family.

Home Decor
   Most of us never think "Green" when we are decorating our home. Yet, from the paint on the walls down to the last throw pillow there are hidden dangers as well as wonderful options! Find new and different options that you never knew existed!

   If only all the products in the world could fit in to three categories this wouldn't need an "Other" area. But as we all know, there are huge amounts of products and programs out there and I want to be able to tell you about all of them. So this last area is for everything and anything! Enjoy@
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